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At Port City Cycles in Fremantle we have a large range of quality electric bikes from Kalkhoff, Focus, TEBCO, Shogun and more. E-bikes are fast becoming one of the best selling bikes in the world.

TEBCO Journey Folding Electric Bicycle 2018

TEBCO Journey Folding Electric Bicycle 2018


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Battery: Samsung Lithium
Charging Capacity - 8Ah
Voltage - 36v
Max Number of Charges -800
Weight of Battery Assembly - 2 kg
DRIVE MOTOR : Max. Speed 26kmh Max.
Distance of Travel 40km
Rated Output - 200W or 250W
Rated Voltage -36V
Wheel size: 20"
Length: 1540mm
Width: 230mm
Height: 1090mm
Weight: 18kgs (including battery)

NOTE: As the Rated Output of the motor is less than 250W - this means that the Journey is considered to be a "bicycle" by ALL Australian States and Territories - and therefore NO Licence or Registration is required.

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